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The position of Feature Twirler with the Penn State Blue Band is determined annually through a competitive audition.  If there is no candidate, whose audition is judged to be truly exceptional by our judging panel, the Blue Band Feature Twirler position may remain unfilled for that season.  At Penn State, the preference is for one Feature Twirler.        

Auditions for the 2018 Blue Band Feature Twirler will be held Sunday, April 8th, 2018.      The location will be Holuba Hall, University Park, PA16802.   (Holuba Hall is the Penn State Athletics Indoor practice facility)    Warm-ups will begin at 8:30am; the Auditions will begin at 9:00am.  Please read ALL of the information listed below and fill out the Intent to Audition form.


All applicants must be accepted to the Penn State University to be eligible for auditions. An assignment to another Penn State campus location may be transferred to University Park for successful candidate.

All prospective candidates are expected to provide accurate information and are responsible for updating the Blue Band office with any change in academic status or campus status. Providing inaccurate or misleading information at any stage of the audition process will be cause to cancel the student's participation in auditions and/or void the student's audition results.

  • All prospective candidates must be able to audition in person at Penn State University Park on the published audition day. No exceptions
  • You must have confirmed Penn State student status by the announced audition date in order to be considered in the Solo Twirler auditions for that year. For the purpose of Solo Twirler auditions, confirmed student status is defined as: Accepted offer of admission to any Penn State campus and paid deposit (paid/accept). No exceptions
  • All prospective candidates must meet the applicable eligibility requirements described above by the date of the audition. Eligibility requirements must be verifiable by the Blue Band office. No exceptions
  • All prospective candidates must file an Intent to Audition. No exceptions

Audition Process

Required Routine

Prepare your own routine and bring your music. (ie: CD or IPod, IPhone, etc) A sound system and auxiliary cords will be provided. The routine should be continuous and last three to four minutes. You are required to perform one, two, and three baton twirling with a fourth baton option, strutting, and dancing. It is recommended that you use a variety of music displaying different tempos (rhythms). Additional equipment may be used, but is not required.


During the Improvisation audition, candidates will be given a selection of music 50-60 seconds long, permitted one minute to listen and one minute to prepare, then you will perform to the selected piece. This portion of the audition will occur after all candidates have performed their prepared creative routines and before each candidate's interview.


The interview portion of the audition will allow the candidate to demonstrate interpersonal skills to the judging panel. This position requires an Exceptional Representative of the Penn State University and the Blue Band.


We will have a minimum of three judges. Judges are selected on the following criteria:

  • Former Feature Twirler (Feature Twirler/Blue Sapphire)
  • Blue Band Affiliate (ie: Band Director, Band Front Coordinator, Assistant Director)
  • NBTA, DMA, or USTA Judging License


Score sheet breakdowns

Twirling Skill, 15 pts
Routine Content, 15 pts
Technique and Execution, 15 pts Dance/Body Control, 10 pts
Showmanship and Presentation, 15 pts
Improvisation, 15 pts
Interview, 15 pts


You must wear a twirling costume.  You should present yourself in the manner you would want an audience to view you in either our stadium or arena.


Auditions will be held in Holuba Hall (Indoor Sports Facility – Field Turf) on the University Park campus of the Pennsylvania State University.

***Please note that the location site could possibly change. You will be notified by the Blue Band office if this occurs.*****


****Auditions are Closed to the Public****


Students with Disabilities

Penn State welcomes students with disabilities into the University's programs, activities, and courses and provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities to ensure equal access and an equal opportunity to participate. If you have a disability-related need for reasonable accommodations for the auditions for the Blue Band, please contact the Office for Disability Services, ODS, by phone at 1-814-863-1807(V/TTY) or in-person (ODS is located in 116 Boucke Building). Please provide adequate notice of this need so that appropriate arrangements can be made in time for auditions. For further information regarding ODS please visit their web site at http://www.equity.psu.edu/ods.


Go to the Intent To Audition Form


If you have further questions regarding Blue Band Feature Twirler auditions, please contact:

Heather Mensch Bean
Majorette Coach
Office:  (814) 863-6802                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Email:   hmb2@psu.edu